Monday, April 13, 2015

CITI Predicts Weaker Oil Price Even As Prices Continue Recent Trend Higher

from CITI:

Already at record levels, US storage capacity may be tested in 2Q as production shows no signs of slowing yet. Prices should bottom if capacity limits are reached, then recover but in previous episodes such as shale gas when the market has expected the US to hit a wall, it hasn’t. Any price recovery will likely be short lived as higher prices should re-start shale drilling, once again increasing supply and sending prices back down…

US crude oil mid-continent inventories are expected to draw down mildly from May to August, and the next problem could well arise come fall when refinery maintenance begins with seasonally highest level stocks…

And by autumn, the US Gulf Coast could also see storage constraints when refiners go into what could be deeper and longer maintenance given the shallow maintenance this winter and spring.

 But crude prices have been trending modestly higher!
At the same time, hedge funds have been piling in to buy crude oil lately.