Thursday, October 3, 2013

Stocks Down 9 of Past 11 Days

Stocks Continue Selloff!

Dow down 185, and stocks have broken through support from last week.

Despite Turmoil in Washington, Stocks Still in Bubble Territory

Even after all the temporary and partial shutdowns of various government agencies, and even with the decline of stocks by 128 points today, the long-term charts of the S&P 500 show that stocks haven’t declined very much, and remain in bubble territory!

"No Deal" Sends Stocks Plunging 125 Pts

Wall St Unconcerned About Partial Government Shutdowns

History would suggest that it will be short-term, but this time, Obama is refusing to negotiate at all with the House. Stocks are down only modestly, but appear to be in waiting mode, confident that imminent resolution will provide support for a relief rally. They may be waiting longer than they expect. Wall St has been blinded by both hubris and Fed easy money.

Why Are Energy Costs So High?

Answer: Because high energy costs are the agenda!

Monday, September 30, 2013

After Being Down 130 Points, Stocks Rally At Open

This despite that the budget and Obamacare impasse continues. Dow down only 90 now.

Credit Bubble At Historic Highs

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Stocks Crushed on Obamacare/Budget Impasse

Dow is down 115 points! There appears to be no resolution in sight.