Friday, March 1, 2013

Futures Daily for March 1, 2013

There were no large movers today, but copper was the biggest one.

Mixed news Leads Market Modestly Higher

The major market mover today was a new rumor that a resolution to the impasse over sequestration was in the works. It didn't seem to matter that the resolution never appeared. The market closed near the highs of the day, but the Dow was up only about 35 points.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Futures Daily for Feb 28, 2013

Commodities are showing a sharp upturn today on a broad scale. Major movers include all the grains, sugar, cotton, and natural gas. Surprisingly, yesterday there was a report that natural gas discoveries are surging, and that over the next decade, natural gas supplies will rise sharply. But today, the price of gas is up sharply.

Grains Leap Across the Board

Tomorrow is March 1st, and we will soon be trading grains based upon weather forecasts. Today, all the grains are leaping higher.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Commodities Daily for Feb 27, 2013

Today's major movers include natural gas, gold and silver (oddly, in opposite directions), cotton, and wheat.

Stocks Scream Higher

Dow up 130 points so far. My long trade that I dumped last week would have now made a profit, but I wasn't willing to risk losing $1000 per contract, so I took a $25 loss instead.
Additionally, I've made a handsome profit buying on the reversal last Friday. I've made far more than I lost in that trade.
Often we overlook that by exiting a trade and taking a small loss, we  set ourselves up for much larger profits when the target contract returns to the prevailing trend. I have learned to "buy the dip" in a trend when prices drop and then return to trend. We miss the opportunity of buying at a reduced price.

Pending Home Sales Show Solid Gains

Stocks Rise Sharply In First Hour

No worries on Wall St today!

Stocks Off Like a Rocket at Open

Monday, February 25, 2013

Big Downer Day on Wall St

The Dow closed down 216 points. Ouch!

Wall St More Worried Than I Thought

I dumped my trade barely at break-even. It appears that Wall St, even with endless free money from the Fed, is more worried than I thought. Stocks have turned down again, with the Dow off about 67 points. Still, today's news hardly seems like a deal-breaker, so I wouldn't be surprised if we see another rally. I'll be ready!

Is This the Rebound I've Been Watching For Today?

Just went long! This is the entry point. We'll see what happens!

Stock Reversal Hasn't Happened Yet

Apparently, Wall St is more worried about election results in Italy than the economy in America or the recession in Europe! Perhaps things will change as the European markets close.

But Then, The Dallas Fed Misses...

...and stocks plunge within minutes. Also, the result of Italian elections is a big mover for stocks today. I suspect that this news will also be dismissed quickly.

Stocks Continue to Scream Higher

Between Bernanke's assurance late last week that the Fed will not end its easy money, and rumors that Congress will once again kick the fiscal can down the road,  Wall St is roaring along and stocks are already up another 50 points in the first 30 minutes of trading today. Are they about to go parabolic?

Sunday, February 24, 2013

China PMI Falls Unexpectedly

"the HSBC Flash PMI index for February missed expectations of a 52.2 print by a big margin, instead dropping from the final January print of 52.3 to just barely above contraction territory, or 50.4. This was the lowest print in the past four months..."