Friday, July 5, 2013

Jobs Sent Stocks Soaring

After the sharp sell-off back to the flatline, stocks then soared, with the Dow closing up 147 points. While there were more jobs created than expected, the unemployment rate rose, and the largest categories of job creation were low-wage, part-time jobs in restaurants and bars. So we're now rejoicing that we're creating jobs only as waiters and bartenders? If that's not a case study of what constitutes bubble behavior, what is?

Copper Collapse

Copper is a fascinating economic indicator in itself, because it is one of the commonly-used industrial metals. Thus, as demand falls, so does the price. It has collapsed today!

Stocks Sell Off After Jobs Report, Now Buying Again

Amazing that the Fed so controls this market, that no one even cares any more about the economy of jobs. All they care about is whether the Fed will continue to provide free money forever! The Fed OWNS and CONTROLS the market!

Manipulated market!

Jobs Report - Tumultuous Market Response

Various media responses:

Here's the market response:
It's a part-time economy now! Part-time jobs are up, and full-time jobs are DOWN! The UNDERemployment rate has leaped to 14.3%!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Crude Oil Explodes On Cairo Violence

A Pall of Uncertainty

Stocks have now gone into the red.

The once invincible Fed is now look far more vincible!

Precious Metals Turn Lower Following One-Day Rally

After rallying about $40 yesterday, gold has turned down again. Those who put their faith in treasures are being humbled.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Don't Get Caught In a Sucker's Rally!

Stocks Leap, Give Most Back