Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Macro Data Continues Downward Trend

Even as stocks remain near record highs, the following Economic headlines are out this morning:

  • US Industrial Production Misses (Again) As Manufacturing & Construction Growth Disappoint
  • Housing Starts, Permits, Miss Expectations On Drop In Single-Family Housing
  • US Producer Prices Tumble Most Since 2009 (And It Wasn't All Energy-Related)
But the White House, Wall St bankers, and their complicit Propaganda Press want us to believe that "all is well". They LIE! The Macroeconomic data so far for 2015 is the WORST since 2009!

Stocks are modestly lower this morning -- Dow down just 34 points as I type this! Stocks hit new highs the last couple of days! Wall St is so drunk on Fed easy money that they've become delusional!