Friday, December 5, 2014

So Which Economy Is It?

It's the Obamalaise Economy! Perpetual malaise! Even while the Propaganda Press tells us it's all great!

More news you WON'T hear in the Propaganda Press!

This morning, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics told us that job growth last month was the most in almost 3 years. Not so fast! Look at the jobs created! Low-wage, temporary, retail! Ie., SUBSISTENCE jobs, not breadwinner jobs!

We should always remember that payrolls are one of the MOST lagging of indicators. Often payrolls rise at the start of a recession. Payrolls typically only crash months after a recession begins.
"But, but, but payrolls data was awesome!! /He was saying that in satire./ US Factory Orders tumbled 0.7% in October (missing 0.0% expectations) for the 3rd month in a row (for the first time since June 2012). Rather notably, the only other time we had 3 straight months of factory orders declines was in the recession..." Tyler Durden @ Zero Hedge.