Monday, March 31, 2014

Janet Yellen's Impact On Inflation

THIS is the impact of a deceitful Janet Yellen on inflation. This chart shows the price of corn today. The price was dropping, until Yellen gave a speech all but promising MORE inflation. She gave her speech before a group of COMMUNITY ORGANIZERS! Obama would be proud. THIS chart showed what happened to the price of food and other commodities when she began speaking! It not only reversed. It LEAPED higher!

 Here is the link to the story from Fox News. She makes it sound so good, but the reality is NOTHING like what she claims in her speech. The reality is that her policies benefit only the already-rich! They create bubbles, NOT prosperity. They don't create jobs or lasting, self-sustaining prosperity. She can spout theory all she wants, but history and reality don't support her pablum. Her policies just redistribute the wealth!

And Obama's legions of leeching lemmings believe those lies! ustries/2014/03/31/y...

The #1 criteria for becoming a Fed Chairman is the ability to LIE through their teeth, straight-faced, without batting an eye!

By keeping interest rates so low for so long, all their do is create more and more bad debt, and none of it is ever cleared out of the economy so that it can heal! This only creates MORE bad debt and MORE risk! It only adds one story upon another to the house of cards!