Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Real Economy!

Home purchase applications are down 30% from their May 2013 highs plunging in the last few weeks to their lowest level since 1995. Home purchase applications are now at 19-year lows.

Meanwhile, stocks are hitting new record highs as I type this. Central bankers have so deluded investors into believing that easy money and prosperity is perpetual, that they throw caution to the wind. That only fuels the bubble that brings certain collapse.

Harvard historian/economist Niall Ferguson says in one of his books that bubbles would be impossible without central bankers printing/creating endless money to create those bubbles.

The world's foremost expert on bubbles said this:
“The collapse is fundamentally due to the unstable position; the instantaneous cause of the crash is secondary.” Didier Sornette

Central bankers are enabling and empowering both the bubble, and the eventual collapse.