Friday, January 3, 2014

Identify the Bubble!

LET'S PLAY A GAME! It's called Identify the Bubble!

In this chart just released by JP Morgan, which of these stock market bubbles is NOT considered by Wall St to be a bubble today?
Hint: It's the BIGGEST one!
Hint #2: It's the CURRENT one!

Interestingly, the last three stock market bubbles declined to similar levels around the level of 600 for the S&P 500. If the current stock market bubble declines to that level, it would be a 67% decline! Imagine such a decline of the stock market, and also all those savings and retirement accounts, amounting to a TWO-THIRDS loss. Imagine a 2/3rds decline! How many lives would be impacted? How many dreams will be destroyed?
 Note also the angle of incline of those olive-green lines. Which bubble manifests the most acute angle of incline?
Hint: It's the CURRENT one!

But the Fed and Wall St would excoriate you for calling it a bubble! How DARE you call it a BUBBLE! In her Senate confirmation hearing, "Calamity" Janet Yellen said she saw NO signs of the Fed having created "market imbalances". I'm just wondering: Is Yellen blind? Because I know a lot of people that aren't Wall St insiders or bankers that have NO difficulty identifying this market as a bubble! And if she has difficulty recognizing one, what does THAT say about her (in)competence as our new Fed Chair that is due to take office at the end of this month?