Thursday, May 16, 2013

"We See Bubbles Everywhere!"

"We see bubbles everywhere, and that is not to be dramatic and not to suggest they will pop immediately. I just suggested in the bond market with a bubble in treasuries and bubble in narrow credit spreads and high-yield prices, that perhaps there is a significant distortion there. Having said that, it suggests that as long as the FED and Bank of Japan and other Central Banks keep writing checks and do not withdraw, then the bubble can be supported as in blowing bubbles. They are blowing bubbles. When that stops there will be repercussions...
 And today from Bill Gross, on why QE is not working as intended, and why the Fed's channels are not only clogged but never worked as intended in the past four years: 
"Does it mean it is a good thing that capitalism should thrive under this quantitative easing posture on the part of central banks that distorts markets and this court's capitalism and promotes a zombie corporations and lowers net interest margins and destroys business model? All of that is the negative aspects of quantitative easing. Can we live with? I do not think this will be with us for a long time."
Isn't it interesting that when a hedge fund manager said two days ago that he thought stocks looked good, the market exploded higher 125 points. But today, when billionaire investor, bond guru, and PIMCO CEO Bill Gross explicitly says that they are seeing "bubbles everywhere", and especially in stocks, he is ignored and the stock market is flat! This is a textbook case of a stock market bubble as explained in the book Why Stock Markets Crash, a very arcane book by Didier Sornette!